Cognitive Training

Cognitive Training is important for children

We use cognitive skills every single day for everything from deciding what to wear to figuring out travel routes to learning new information and deciding which of our errands can be put off until tomorrow.

Cognitive Training is the professional term for exercises that help strengthen our brain’s cognitive skills.

In children, it is important to know that their cognitive skills develop gradually. At about 6 years of age, most of the main cognitive abilities are in place – children generally have full command of the language, are capable of basic reasoning and can easily memorize new information.

Because cognitive skills are so central, every child – even the brightest – can benefit from having these skills strengthened through training. Cognitive training is particularly important for children who are struggling through their days because of weak abilities in skills such as concentration, memory or response speed. Children who struggle include those who have cognitive problems such as: ADD/ADHD, learning disabilities, cognitive impairment due to injury or ASD. In every case, cognitive training can help these children succeed in their learning tasks as well as every-day functioning.

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Training these skills helps children acquire quicker and clearer thinking, better memory for instructions, increased alertness and stronger concentration over longer periods of time.  In addition, cognitive training helps raise and stabilize mood and gives children a heightened sense of self-esteem.

Cognitive training is also most recommended for ADD/ADHD children taking medication. While the medication can help children function better in the short-term, using medication over a long period of time can even result in a decline of children’s overall cognitive abilities. This is because in order to grow, our brains need to be challenged and stimulated. Brain training does just this and therefore can boost children’s abilities for long-term and even permanent change.

Cognitive training that really works

Many professionals and healthcare centers use cognitive training as part of their rehabilitation or treatment plans – but children who are able to take receive this care are usually among the most severely challenged, and not every child needs that level of therapy.

Most parents to ADD/ADHD children have periodic visits to the doctor for prescriptions or to manage the medication dosage. They may also have help of remedial teachers or art therapy or other professionals, and need to juggle many kinds of help for their children at once.

While cognitive training is important for ADD/ADHD children – as it treats the root of the problem, many parents simply find it beyond their ability to find a treatment center who can offer professional cognitive training.

That’s where AttenGo comes in, with professional cognitive training from the comfort of your home.

AttenGo gives you a personalized program based on an initial questionnaire and computerized assessment. Children quickly learn to train with AttenGo on their own – giving them a sense of mastery and control over their own progress.

Train with AttenGo 3-5 times a week – the program adapts to the child’s pace, training their cognitive skills with the structure and precision that computers can deliver.
AttenGo is easy to use, fully tracks scores and progress and has dozens of different exercises for training cognitive skills including: attention and concentration, impulse control, working memory, response speed and more.

All these help make AttenGo a great tool for helping children with ADD/ADHD succeed!