Cognitive Treatment for ADHD

Why is Cognitive Training Important for ADHD?

With the growing popularity of brain games, the idea of neuroplasticity has become common knowledge. This is actually a relatively recent and revolutionary finding in neuropsychology that our brains continue to grow, develop and even change throughout our lifetime. Once it was thought that only children’s brains were capable of learning and changing – until about the age of 18. But we now know that brains can be challenged – and similar to a muscle – will continue to adapt and create new connections even as we age into our 60’s and 70’s.

The more serious side of neuroplasticity is to be found in Cognitive Training programs – which are used in rehabilitative clinics and hospitals throughout the world to help individuals strengthen abilities such as attention, concentration, executive functions and memory.

Cognitive training for adults can be helpful for a number of difficulties. AttenGo’s neuro-cognitive training is unique in that it strengthens and improves skills that are lacking in adults with ADD/ADHD. Our program helps balance brainwave activity, while strengthening specific cognitive skills involved in attention disorders.

Cognitive Training for Adults Needed Regardless of Medication

Scientific research has shown that children and adults taking medication for ADD/ADHD over a long period of time risk letting their abilities deteriorate, as they rely on the medication to artificially make their brain focus. Over time, what was already weakened such as organizational skills, self-management, tendency to procrastinate, inability to focus on mundane tasks – become even more weakened as the mind becomes dependent on the medication.

Therefore, even world-renowned experts in ADD/ADHD such as Prof. Russel Barkley recommend some form of cognitive training. This can be done even while taking medication – as the two forms of treatment work in different ways. So it is possible to take Ritalin in the morning for immediate and short-term focus – and then in the evening, complete a cognitive training session in order to train and strengthen your cognitive skills over time.

Cognitive Training is Important for Adults Too

Even adults who have struggled with ADD/ADHD throughout their lifetimes can improve their brain functioning. AttenGo’s unique cognitive training uses pre-linguistic exercises that focus on working memory, continuous, selective and split attention, visual scanning and impulse control. Over time the mind learns how to sustain focus over longer periods of time and how to maintain stronger control over their responses to the environment.

Adults training with AttenGo have found themselves able to read more quickly and retain greater amounts of reading material; or better able to handle themselves in social situations – for example with an increased ability to follow and join in a conversation.

Research is growing to show that proper training over a period of 3-6 months is effective for significantly improving general cognitive abilities as well as specific skills so helpful for those coping with ADD/ADHD.

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AttenGo – Personalized Cognitive Training for Adults

This is where AttenGo comes in, with professional cognitive training from the comfort of your home. AttenGo provides you with a personalized program based on an initial questionnaire and computerized assessment.

Train with AttenGo 3-5 times a week – the program adapts to your pace, provides an objective assessment every 21 days and provides full tracking of your progress throughout. Each program has dozens of different exercises for training cognitive skills including: attention and concentration, impulse control, working memory, response speed and more.