Early Testing for LD

Learning Disabilities in Children Are on the Rise

Testing for Learning Disabilities has made it possible to catch these disabilities at a younger age

ילדים עם הפרעת קשב

The number of diagnoses of Learning Disabilities in children continues to rise. The reason for the increase of learning disabilities in children is not fully understood, though it is possible that methods for testing for learning disabilities are simply becoming more refined. As a result, more children are being diagnosed at a younger age.

Although it is sad to know that learning disabilities in children such as ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, central auditory processing disorder and sensory integration dysfunction are on the rise, it is good news that testing for learning disabilities is making it possible to catch these children at a young age. As a result, treatment and intervention strategies can be implemented earlier in the child’s life.

In addition, parents can take better advantage of learning disabilities resources available to their children today. With the help of quality learning disabilities resources, parents can…

  • Get the right type of help their children need so they can learn how to overcome their disability. Read more about treatment for dyslexia.
  • Access financial assistance and other aid available to children with learning disabilities
  • Create plans along with the child’s school to guarantee adherence to an appropriate program

Of course, there are many steps that can be taken to battle learning disabilities in children that do not have to be conducted at school. Parents should utilize learning disabilities resources in order to learn as much as possible about what they can do to help their children overcome the disability.

The AttenGo program was designed specifically to help combat behavioral and learning disabilities in children and adults using cognitive training for children. With the help of this clinically proven program, your child can improve brain function and finally experience the success you have always dreamed of him or her enjoying.

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