Brain Fitness

What Exactly is Brain Fitness?

Brain Fitness uses the model of physical fitness to refer to one of the most important scientific breakthroughs of the last 50 years – that it is possible to train and change our brain throughout our entire lifetime!

With regards to our brain, its ‘fitness’ refers to our ability to live, grow and thrive in today’s society. Today’s elderly are living in unprecedented times – first of all in terms of longevity, with many elderly being active far into their 80’s and 90’s. Second of all, today’s quick-paced and technological society brings with it relatively complex demands as well as opportunities for increasing our general health and mental capacity.

More specifically, brain fitness means focused training and development of three main areas: attention, working memory and executive functions.

Recent research has shown these three general cognitive abilities to be the foundation for the complex and uniquely human capacities for decision making, problem solving, planning towards the future, and more.

Watch Larry King’s interview on Brain Fitness:

Even more exciting is the research demonstrating that these capacities can be trained and developed through structured and focused cognitive training. Dr. Michael Posner – a world leading scientist in the field of cognitive neuroscience, noted in an interview by SharpBrains  that “we have found no ceil­ing for abil­i­ties such as atten­tion, includ­ing among adults. The more train­ing, even with nor­mal peo­ple, the higher the results.” Basically, science now knows that the brain is more flexible we ever thought possible.

We used to think that genetics was the most important factor in our illness or health – but new studies are clearly showing that only about 30% of our illness is attributable to our genes. This means that our habits, our lifestyle and our behavior have an enormous impact on our long-term health – both our physical and our brain fitness.

How Can I Work on My Brain Fitness?

This is really the most important question.

First of all, any brain activity is good – reading, learning new languages, even engaging in new friendships… But really the most important thing is to keep the brain challenged. Many times we fall into habits and reading or solving crossword puzzles loses its effectiveness to challenge those abilities we want to train – such as executive functions.

Secondly – when we’re looking at improving those important basic cognitive abilities, research shows that structured cognitive training programs are the most effective tools to increase cognitive abilities, overcome deficits in attention or learning skills and even help heal brain trauma.

Are Brain Fitness Programs Available Online?

Yes! However, it is critically important to look for an online brain fitness program that is backed by research and developed by professionals. AttenGo’s neuro-cognitive training programs give professionals and individuals structured programs that work on attention, concentration, memory and executive functions.

AttenGo’s programs provide personalized neuro-cognitive training for all ages, based on proprietary technology and methods that have been tested and clinically proven to improve sustained attention, working memory and executive functions. These programs are especially helpful for children and adults with ADHD.

The unique method behind AttenGo is based on stimulating the pre-frontal cortex with universal exercises that don’t depend on previous knowledge of math or grammar, for example. Throughout each exercise – your attention, focus, memory and impulse control and response speed are constantly challenged.

As you progress through the program, your brain is actually changing on a neurological level, growing in its ability to focus, to ignore distractions, to keep items in your working memory and to organize and problem-solve.

Why wait? Try AttenGo’s brain fitness program for ADHD today!