Brain Wave Activity and ADD/ADHD

Brain Wave Activity and ADD/ADHD

ADD/ADHD and Learning Disabilities are neurological disorders that occur when the brain is not ‘wired’ properly resulting in compromised attention, focus and working memory. Recent research has shown that the AttenGo  training program enhances key cognitive skills while improving brain wave regulation. These core activities go beyond mere improvement of symptoms, providing long lasting results.

The brain produces different frequencies for different levels of attention. They include the following:

Delta – sleep state
Theta – between sleep and awake, also a meditative state
Alpha – relaxed state
Beta1 – focused concentration
Beta2 – alert state
Beta3 – very alert, vigilant
Beta4 – hyper vigilant

The ability to produce the right states, especially those associated with focus and attention is paramount to be able to perform a variety of cognitive tasks. In addition, the ability to shift from one state to another when required, offers tremendous mental flexibility, which results in enhanced performance in every area of life.

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Individuals with attention deficits have been found to produce high levels of slow brain activity (predominantly theta or alpha) and lower beta1 activity. AttenGo focuses on improving these three most important states in the area of cognitive performance:
1. Calm: Allows the mind to relax and get ready for different mental tasks. It is also a state important for contemplation and planning. In terms of brain activity, this is equivalent to Alpha state.

2. Focused: Allows paying attention to a specific task, while offsetting distractions. This is equivalent to Beta1 state.

3. Alert: Allows fast response when the need to react quickly is required. This is equivalent to Beta2 state.

Neuro-training combined with intensive cognitive training, as AttenGo, offers an excellent alternative treatment for ADHD with an approach to improving all aspects of cognitive performance.

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