Does Brain Fitness Really Work?

Does Brain Fitness Really Work?

Brain fitness is a popular name for cognitive training – and makes use of a popular metaphor comparing our brain to a muscle.

While our brain is certainly not a muscle, but is rather a small, high-maintenance organ comprised of 80% water, relatively high fatty tissue and about 100 billion neurons – this metaphor refers to the ability of our wonderful brain to develop, change and grow even as we age. Just as muscles respond to exertion, resistance and stress by growing stronger – so do our brains constantly respond and adapt to our environment.

This phenomenon is called neuroplasticity – meaning the brain’s newly discovered ability for responsive growth and change. Neurogenesis is another buzzword to come out of this scientific breakthrough, and refers to the ability of the brain to grow and adapt to deficits even after a brain injury or due to age or illness.

Research is very clear that the more active we are generally in body and mind throughout our lives, the better our health, our relationships and ability to enjoy life. Brain fitness is the idea that we can seek out tools and environments to keep our minds active and alert – and in fact even train specific cognitive abilities that we know need strengthening over time.

Memory, attention, reasoning, speed of processing information and many more types of mental skills have been found to increase with properly structured, methodical and scientifically based training.

The problem with this scientific breakthrough is that many companies have rushed in to supply the new and growing demand for mental stimulation, so those seeking to truly improve their brain fitness must look into the credentials of the program.

AttenGo – Professional Neuro-cognitive Training

AttenGo’s programs provide all ages with personalized training programs, based on proprietary technology and methods that have been tested and clinically proven.

The unique method behind AttenGo is based on stimulating the pre-frontal cortex that is most involved in the kind of cognitive decline that affects everyday functioning. Each exercise requires you to understand increasingly complex instructions. And then throughout the exercise – your perception, attention, focus, memory and impulse control are constantly challenged.

Three different kinds of immediate feedback give your brain the right environment to achieve optimal focus. In the meantime, in the “background”, your brain is changing on a neurological level, strengthening its ability to hold the Beta1 brainwaves so critical for ongoing and alert focus.

Try AttenGo’s unique program today, and shape up your focus and memory!