What are Cognitive Training Programs?

Cognitive training programs – once developed and used only in hospitals and rehabilitative centers – have become a very quickly growing trend, offered to private homes as well.

The increase in programs being developed to help train cognitive abilities has been following a growth in successful scientific studies demonstrating that it is possible to train the brain!

In the 1980’s, many self-help books and approaches spoke about ‘Brain Fitness’ – but this was still a very general and not very well defined concept.

Today, researchers in the world’s leading universities – Stanford, Yale, Harvard, as well as in Sweden, Australia and France – are seeing that with better controlled-studies, there is strong evidence for the importance of cognitive training programs.

What are Cognitive Training Programs?

Today’s cognitive training programs are generally computerized and include a number of exercises that stimulate different kinds of cognitive abilities. This usually includes tasks that require for example fast information processing, working memory, attention and focus and problem solving.

There are many important advantages to using a computerized program. First, further studies are showing how important repetition is for these exercises to have a long-lasting effect on the brain. Secondly – the exercises must be gradually more challenging in order to keep the brain working hard. This is similar to the way physical strength training works, for example, by using weights that are increasingly heavier.

Finally, computers allow clinicians and individuals to keep track of their scores, to assess their progress and difficulties throughout their work and guide the training program accordingly.

What are Cognitive Training Programs Used For?

These programs are proving helpful for a very diverse group of people. Very young children, from about the age of 5 up until elderly adults in their 80’s and 90’s can use such programs. Cognitive training programs are used in rehabilitation centers, in clinics, schools, after-school programs and by many different kinds of therapists and educators. The more available these cognitive training programs are, the more they are being used, also, at home by parents.

Children and adults with any number of cognitive difficulties can find great benefit with these programs. Learning disorders, disorders on the autism spectrum as well as executive function, memory and other cognitive disorders are all good candidates for such a training program.

What does the AttenGo cognitive training program include?

AttenGo’s professional and scientifically-backed training program is especially designed to help children and adults with attention disorders improve their attention, concentration, working memory, and executive functions.

By providing individualized programs – suited to the ability and pace of each trainee – AttenGo is able to guide each individual through a structured program that over three to six months can significantly and dramatically strengthen and improve the symptoms of ADHD.

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