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A simple and effective breakthrough in training children with ADHD and Learning Disabilities at schools and academic centers.

AttenGo is a clinically tested software program for training children with ADD/ADHD and Learning Disabilities. Its primary impact is on the brain’s Beta waves and frontal lobes. Applying innovative neuro-cognitive technology AttenGo has scored numerous successes in training hyperactive children and adults to improve their concentration and memory, reduce impulsiveness and increase their academic performance. The professional multi-client interface, AttenPro, provides educators with a powerful yet simple tool interface to manage and monitor students’ training.

Many programs on the market achieve only temporary improvement in concentration and focus. AttenGo goes much further. It trains the brain with cognitive training exercises to develop the proper neurology associated with good cognitive abilities. AttenGo training programs incorporate the latest advances in neuro-cognitive technology enabling you to maximize your treatment approaches for hyperactive children and adults.

AttenPro includes everything that AttenGo has to offer plus additional protocols for challenging cases. The program also includes a friendly interface for monitoring treatment and assessing progress.

AttenGo was developed and clinically tested at the Advanced Cognitive Enhancement Clinic in Toronto, Canada.

How is it done?

AttenGo trains the brain by working on two levels:

  1. Brain Wave Regulation – by increasing Beta waves which are associated with optimal attention and concentration
  2. Improving fundamental Cognitive Skills such as working memory, reaction time and executive functions (planning, organization & self-control)

AttenGo achieves this by using an adaptive, smart system which personalizes the training program according to the individual’s difficulties and general cognitive performance. The user gets real time feedback in the form of scores and graphs, thereby enhancing motivation and speeding up progress.

Program Benefits:

  • Enhances all aspects of attention: duration, divided, selective, both visual & auditory processing
  • Enhances all aspects of memory: short-term, long-term & working memory
  • Increases self-awareness, self-control, self-discipline and self-confidence
  • Improving the ability to concentrate in the presence of distractions
  • Reduces hyperactivity, impulsivity and impatience
  • Enhances the ability to perform a number of tasks simultaneously (multitasking)
  • Improves learning ability
  • Improves the ability to quickly shift focus
  • Improves planning and organization (executive functions)

What makes AttenGo different from other programs?

Most training programs available on the market are content based (which makes it difficult for the brain to generalize and use in other environments) or provide partial concentration training that may offer only a short-term improvement of focus. AttenGo, does much more. It trains the brain to develop the proper neurology associated with good cognitive abilities. It also trains hyperactive children to be more responsive, focused and patient.

Recommended for use by:
Educators, Counselors, Schools, Special Education Departments, Universities,  ADHD Coachers

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