Information for Educators

AttenGo’s Educational version will dramatically improve students’ academic performance by enhancing focus, attention, concentration and memory with
personalized cognitive training exercises.

AttenGo addresses the following cognitive functions:

  • Attention duration – sustaining attention for longer periods
  • Selective attention – focusing on one task, while other tasks do not distract
  • Executive functions – planning, prioritizing, organizing and decision-making.
  • Divided attention  – focusing on more than one task at a time
  • Working memory – retaining necessary information for short periods of time, yet long enough to complete specific tasks
  • Sequential processing – working with pieces of information, one after another
  • Simultaneous processing or multitasking – processing a few pieces of information at the same time
  • Processing speed – the speed with which information is processed
  • Sensory motor coordination – coordinating sensory and motor skills
  • Visual processing  – working with visual images
  • Auditory processing – working with sounds
  • Audio-visual coordination  – working with both sound and visuals, simultaneously
  • Peripheral vision  – noticing background details while focusing on a task
  • Concept comprehension – understanding tasks and concepts
  • Visual blending – bringing letters to form words (both visual and auditory)

Users will benefit from:

  • Enhancing all aspects of attention and concentration
  • Improving short-term, long-term and working memory
  • Increasing self control
  • Enhancing speed of processing
  • Improving self-discipline and self-confidence
  • Improving the ability to concentrate in the presence of distractions
  • Reducing hyperactivity
  • Reducing impulsivity
  • Improving the ability to relax
  • Improving patience
  • Enhancing the ability to multitask
  • Improving learning ability
  • Improving the ability to quickly shift focus
  • Improving the ability to sustain focus for prolonged periods of time
  • Improving planning and organization

Educators’ benefits:

  • Use the system’s assessment module to better evaluate areas of difficulty and intensity of symptoms based on the scores generated by the system.
  • Closely monitor the student’s progress in the using the extensive data and graphs provided by the system.
  • Flexibility in terms of training protocols.
  • Separate file for each student. Unique user name and password prevent users from accessing other students’ information.
  • The program can be used on both a supervised and unsupervised basis.
  • User friendly system and very easy-to-use. We provide full training.
  • Create your own dedicated interface within our server.
  • Low cost solution that yields remarkable results.

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