Improve Memory

What is Memory?

Memory is such an important skill that we are literally lost without it. Understanding how our memory works has been a main topic of research for decades, and recent scientific breakthroughs have changed the way we think about memory, memory loss and how to improve memory.

While philosophers and cultures throughout history have developed techniques to improve memory, we also know today that the brain is very flexible – and can learn and change throughout our entire lives. Therefore, not only can we use tricks and mnemonics, but we can even change the very way our brain functions.

AttenGo is a powerful training tool that not only exercises the brain’s core cognitive abilities, but also works on all aspects of memory such as: short-term and working memory, auditory and visual memory, processing speed and information retrieval. Using the brain’s own neurological structures and innate methods, AttenGo trains it to properly and quickly store and retrieve information, which after all is what memory is all about.

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