Brain Fitness

New brain fitness software offers hope to people of all ages

In the past decade, awareness of proper nutrition and exercise has grown markedly.  Although many studies have shown that physical exercise improves mental performance or brain fitness as it is commonly known, more significant results can be obtained by training the brain directly. Brain fitness is like muscle fitness, it needs to be toned regularly. 

Studies done by Dr. Robert Friedland, a professor of neurology at the University of Louisville, showed that individuals who exercised their brain adequately early in life were significantly less likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s later on. Brain fitness can also postpone or eliminate the need for assisted living.

“Strengthening our cognitive abilities, including concentration, memory and executive functions, by using scientifically-based cognitive exercises should be a high priority for every person, and it is never too late to begin to do brain fitness exercises!”

What is Brain Fitness? Everything we do in life depends on brain fitness. As a result, numerous so-called “brain training programs” have emerged in the market. These “brain games” aim to improve our cognitive abilities to be able to better prepare ourselves for cognitive decline related to aging. They claim to improve every aspect of our cognitive performance, whether it is deficient, if we want to strengthen it, or in case it is impaired as a result of injury, aging or poor genetics.

It is no wonder that many business people have jumped on this profitable bandwagon, as it usually happens whenever a new trend picks up steam, introducing graphically pleasing brain games to capitalize profits. The biggest problem with most such “brain fitness” programs is that they deliver very limited brain training. This type of training is not comprehensive and is not well targeted. In most cases, it was not developed by a team of well-experienced clinicians who specialize in neuro-cognitive training, to provide effective brain fitness programs, but by business people and game developers.

We were therefore glad to learn about a new brain fitness program called AttenGo. This comprehensive brain training program is based on research done at the Advanced Clinical Enhancement clinic in Canada. It covers the complete range of cognitive skills and abilities, including all aspects of attention, memory and information processing.

The first thing that jumps up when evaluating the AttenGo brain fitness program is its powerful assessment module. The program accurately assesses the specific areas of difficulty and its severity, and proceeds to tailor a program that will fit personal requirements.

If you ever played any mental game on a computer, you will see the difference between traditional brain fitness games and AttenGo right away. The moment you start training with the program, you will notice how effective it is in improving brain function. AttenGo’s brain fitness program was designed to target all fundamental cognitive skills that we require for normal cognitive function and it periodically repeats the assessment in order to monitor progress.  A built-in graphical interface shows the progress after every training session.

The clinicians and programmers behind AttenGo’s brain fitness program took special care to make it simple and easy-to-use. The choice to make it available online was clear from the beginning, so that anyone can use this advanced brain fitness program on any computer with an Internet connection.

While users are scored consistently, they usually take pride not only in the tally but also in achieving noticeable improvements in their daily life, including academic achievement, sports and for adults – productivity at work. This type of results can be noticed within few weeks from the start of the training. Learning, memorizing, remembering and paying attention become second nature with regular training.

Recommended training sessions are 30 minutes, at least 3 times a week.

One of the most important aspects of AttenGo’s brain fitness program is that it is completely safe, free of any side effects and very affordable. People can train in the comfort of their own home, thus saving on regular visits to a clinic.

AttenGo’s brain fitness program is backed by first-class technical and professional support to help you achieve your goals quickyl and easily. Why wait? Sign-up and start today!