What is Brain Fitness?

Brain Fitness is Good for Everyone

Brain Fitness is a great way to describe one of the most exciting scientific breakthroughs of the last decades: Neuroplasticity

Scientists used to think that the brain’s potential was pretty much determined during the early “formative years”, when the brain was flexible, or plastic, and could learn and adapt and change. After this ‘window of opportunity’ closed, at about age 18-21, it was assumed that the brain had already reached its peak and would gradually deteriorate over time into old age.

Much of this was based on the understanding that the brain cannot create new neurons (brain cells), and therefore real learning or changing was simply not possible for adults.

This theory has been completely turned upside down by the discovery of Neuroplasticity. Neuroscientists studying the brain have discovered that it continues to generates measurable neurological change whenever it learns and throughout our lifetime. In other words, the adult brain, is very much able to learn, change and adapt.

This has enormous implications for us all. Whether you’re interested in simply keeping  your mind at top capacity, or whether you’re concerned about brain deterioration in yourself or in a loved one, it is important to understand what “Brain Fitness” is all about.

So what is Brain Fitness?

Brain fitness refers to various techniques and strategies such as cognitive training to keep our brains ‘in shape’ by being engaged in mental exercises that target and engage the senses, memory and attention. Keeping our brain “fit” is being recognized as helpful and important for all ages, as well as for individuals suffering from ADHD, learning disorders, memory loss and even brain injury.

One of the leading uses for brain fitness programs today is in providing scientifically developed, therapeutic tools for ADHD. Both children and adults diagnosed with ADHD can benefit greatly from a brain fitness training program, such as AttenGo.

AttenGo is a neuro-cognitive program especially designed for keeping minds – young and old – fit, flexible and focused.