Improve Attention, Focus & EF

With a revolutionary

Neuro-Cognitive Training Program

The Method

AttenGo is a web-based program, that stimulates the frontal lobe activity of the brain to produce high levels of cognitive skills and helps you to overcome ADHD symptoms.

Training with AttenGo is considered as “sensorimotor learning” – same as learning to ride a bike or to swim.

Training for 3-6 months produces long-term and even permanently results.

Who Can Benefit

  • Anyone diagnosed with ADHD
  • Anyone who seeks to achieve higher focus and cognitive skills
  • Anyone who takes medication and want to quit
  • Anyone who does NOT take medication and does NOT follow any other treatment

The Goal

To maximize personal potential and to:

  • Achieve high levels of attention and focus
  • Improve working memory and data proccessing
  • Improve organization abilities
  • Reduce distractibility & impulsiveness
  • Improve response speed
  • Increase self-awareness and self-management
  • Expand learning abilities

Friendly & Easy to Use

  • Simple and clean interface shows you exactly what to do
  • Adaptive program that progresses in lock-step with your abilities
  • At the start of each training session you pick up where you left off
  • Easy-to-read progress reports

What our customers say:

My daughter was diagnosed with ADHD two years ago when she was 8. We tried almost everything!

Surprisingly, after two months using AttenGo we could see a real improvement!

Now she reads and understands better. 

She can complete homework in shorter time, she can concentrate in class .

Her teacher is very satisfied from the results”.

Laura V. USA

“Both my sons (8 and 10) are now on your program.

I have noticed remarkable results in both of them, although Wayne has been doing slightly better.

They now train 4 times a week just before doing their homework.

I cannot believe how effective this program is, especially after spending a considerable amount of money on a program in a local clinic (Tyler only) with significantly less results.

Everyone should know about your program

Marina T. Sidney, Australia

“Kathy does the program every day right after school and she is finding it much easier to do her homework.

The good news is that she doesn’t require my help anymore.

We have noticed improvement in her attention and comprehension.

She is not so slow in her thinking process anymore.

I strongly believe that your program should be installed in every school”

AWong, New York, USA

I registered my son Alon (age 9) in July and he practiced along with taking Ritalin. Slowly, I saw that the indicators in the program were rising and improving. Then, I decided to try a period of time without Ritalin.

I write this letter in November. Alon has not been taking any Ritalin for three months.

The report card he received a month ago was very good. The confidence that Attengo instilled in him helped him organize his thoughts and concentrate in class.

I am so grateful for his progress and for him not taking Ritalin anymore.

Alon is a happy and active child. He is more successful playing with friends, and has learned to take responsibility for his behavior and actions—all this because of the training he’s doing with your program.

With great appreciation and gratitude

Miri Eliraz, Israel

I’ve tried many different programs out there and none work like Attengo.  

I started noticing radical improvements in the first few weeks.

I started noticing clarity of mind, which has helped me think more clearly and process things faster.

I can be more productive at work and I feel sharper in my everyday activities.

My memory has increased significantly and I can recall names or any information I need faster. 

One of the best improvements I’ve felt is the ability to be more present.

Now while I’m in a conversation with someone I can actually be listening and not thinking of other things.

I would really recommend Attengo to anyone suffering from ADHD.

Gerardo Serna, Mexico

I would like to express my thanks to you.

The program is amazing!

Now that I have done the program for around three to four months I feel very focused.

It’s helping me listen to the lectures and helping me study. 

Another amazing lesson for me is that I can stay focused and not get distracted by all the distractions around.

So what are we waiting for? lets spread the light and change the world one “game” (attengo) at a time.

M.M.Wilhelm, USA, New-York


Remember: You have 7-Day, Full Money-Back Guarantee! 

Applies to 6-month and 12-month programs. Monthly subscriptions can be unsubscribed at anytime.

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Remember: Any complementary treatment requires prior medical advice!