AttenGo Ltd. is a neuro technology based company dedicated to providing cutting edge, clinically tested cognitive technology that enhances key aspects of cognitive performance, such as attention, concentration, short & long term memory and executive functions.

Our vision and mission in AttenGo is to provide cost-effective treatment solutions to those in need of improving their cognitive functions and skills.

AttenGo web-based software training programs address deficiencies associated with various cognitive impairments regardless of their source and level of severity. They include: Attention Deficit Disorders, (ADD/ADHD), Learning Disabilities, and other cognitive impairments.

AttenGo training programs have been successfully used by individuals ages 6 to adults.
We provide full professional support in order to help our clients maximize the program’s effectiveness.

AttenGo’s Team

Shalom Simon – CEO
Ricky Simon – Founding Member and Entrepreneur; VP Marketing
Tova Katz – Workshops and Training Manager for Professionals; MA Special Ed.; Expert in Leora Asael – Head of Customer Relations – Professional Sector; BSc Brain Sciences Didactic Diagnosis
Tal Daniel – Interactive Systems Development
Iddo Weiss – Server Systems Development; Webmaster
Leora Asael – Head of Customer Relations – Professional Sector; BSc Brain Sciences
Nella Ikar – Customer Relations an
Support – Professional Sector; BA Psychology
Ayelet Koktris – Customer support
Neta Sasson – Head of Customer Relations – Private Sector
Caroline Hershdorfer – Consultant & Customer Relations
Gal Massas – Consultant & Customer Relations

Research on AttenGo

AttenGo’s neuro-cognitive training has been scientifically proven in a number of independent academic studies and clinical trials. Read more about how AttenGo helps all different ages increase and strengthen executive functions, memory, academic performance, behavior and more  >> Clinically Proven – Research

Contact Us


Email: support@attengo.com
Telephone:  +1-201-2444-299