Cognitive Training for Children with ADHD

Computerized Cognitive Training for Severely Emotionally Disturbed Children with ADHD

Suzanne E. Slate, Tracy L. Meyer, William J. Burns & Doil D. Montgomery. 1998.
Behavior Modification. 22: 3415-437

This study tested the effect of cognitive training on the behaviors and performance abilities of 4 children with severe emotional disturbance and ADHD.

Tests were conducted before and after training – including behavioral symptoms, EEG, intelligence and performance tests. The training program consisted of 64 sessions given over 16 weeks, and improvement was measured by scores and advancement in the training program, and changes in the pre- and post-testing scores.

One of the more impressive results of this study is that children who were more successful in their training also showed greater gains and improvements outside of their training sessions.

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