Computerized Attention Training for ADHD

Computer-Based Attention Training in the Schools for Children With Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: A Preliminary Trial

Naomi J. Steiner, MD, Radley Christopher Sheldrick, PhD, David Gotthelf, PhD, & Ellen C. Perrin, PhD., Floating Hospital for Children, Boston, MA, USA. 2013. Journal of Attention Disorders, 17:420-436.

This study was interested in testing whether computer-based cognitive training could be used to help children in a school setting. Children were randomly assigned to receive either neuro-feedback training, or computerized cognitive training (41 participants aged 13-16).

Before and after the training, parents, children and teachers filled out questionnaires for behavioral assessment, ADHD symptoms and others.

Both groups showed significant improvement after training. The cognitive training in particular showed improved scores in inattention, ADHD symptoms and executive functions.

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