Gerardo Serna, Mexico


I’ve tried many different programs out there and none work like Attengo. I’m in my 30’s and have been struggling with ADD my whole life and thank God I came upon Attengo. I started noticing radical improvements in the first few weeks of training.


I can now focus better while doing tasks and actually I can now concentrate and finish them, since I was used to procrastinate. I also started noticing clarity of mind, which has helped me think more clearly and process things faster. I feel smarter, I can be more productive at work and I feel sharper in my everyday activities. My memory has increased significantly and I can recall names or any information I need faster.


One of the best improvements I’ve felt is the ability to be more present… now while I’m in a conversation with someone I can actually be listening and not thinking of other things and being in another place in my mind... This has also improved my social skills and relationships with others.

I would really recommend Attengo to anyone suffering from ADD.

Gerardo Serna, Mexico