The 5 Most Common Questions

Question # 1: Is AttenGo proven to be effective?

AttenGo has been clinically proven to be an effective training program for treating attention deficits associated with ADD/ADHD and various cognitive impairments. Thousands of people in more than 20 countries have successfully used AttenGo. New clients join the program every day as a result of recommendations from friends, colleagues, and clinicians who have already benefited from the program.

Question # 2: How long will it take before I see results?

Results depend on the severity of your symptoms and on how frequently you train. With a regular training routine of 30-minute sessions 3 times a week (shorter sessions for young children), you can expect to see results within a few weeks. Nevertheless, 6 months of training are recommended to achieve long-term results. Although the rate of progress varies from person to person, some people experience improvement in cognitive functions after the first few training sessions. As one of our clients recently described it: “I can’t believe how clear my mind is and how well I can focus after three sessions already.”

Question # 3: How is AttenGo different from other programs?

AttenGo is different in that it gets to the root of cognitive problems rather than teach coping strategies or tactics that provide only short-term benefits. Other programs for treating ADD/ADHD fall into four main categories:

1.    Brain games, brain teasers, and mental fitness programs
These programs offer simple brain exercises that can help keep the brain alert, but do not follow a systematic, remedial approach to treating ADD/ADHD, and are not aimed at achieving significant long-term improvements in cognitive performance.

2.   Educational programs that emphasize coping and general knowledge
Educational programs do not reduce the symptoms of ADD/ADHD and do not provide a long-term solution for it. They merely help children or adults to cope better with their condition.

3.   Computerized cognitive exercises
Although these exercises are beneficial, many computerized cognitive programs do not cover all the fundamental cognitive skills. Moreover, most programs do not offer clinical support and provide only superficial training.

4.    Neurofeedback and biofeedback systems
These systems help re-train the brain to produce attention-related frequencies (beta waves) but they do not develop basic cognitive skills, and in many cases do not offer sufficient or permanent results.

No other program offers the comprehensive cognitive training that AttenGo does. AttenGo includes a pre-training assessment, custom-tailored training and follow-up assessments, and it is backed by strong clinical support. 

Question # 4: Do you need a diagnosis to begin training with AttenGo?

A diagnosis is not needed. A diagnosis is important only to obtain a prescription for medication. The AttenGo pre-training assessment will accurately assess the scope and severity of your symptoms and create a customized training program for you. This program will help you improve the neuro-cognitive aspects of attention, focus, concentration, and memory.

Question # 5: What if the program does not work for me or my child?

It is unlikely that the program will not improve your cognitive functions. Most users (children, teenagers, and adults) improve their attention, concentration, and memory by at least 25%, and average improvement is above 60%. Indeed, we are so confident about the success of AttenGo that we guarantee its results. If you do not improve as a result of using the program, we will refund your money in full. Read more about our guarantee in our terms and conditions.

NOTE: Everything you need to complete the program successfully is included in the price. There are no hidden fees. Our price includes:

  1. Pre-treatment assessment
  2. Training program
  3. Periodic assessments to evaluate progress
  4. Full support throughout your program

We have witnessed improvements in thousands of people after training with AttenGo and we are committed to making sure that our program helps you or your child overcome ADD/ADHD.

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