Balance Brain Wave Activity

ADD/ADHD occur when the brain is not ‘wired’ properly and can affect attention, focus and executive functions, such as inhibition, working memory, planning, self-monitoring, verbal regulation, self-awareness and emotional regulation.

AttenGo  enhances both key cognitive skills and brain-wave activity affected by ADD/ADHD. It goes beyond simple compensation or “work-around” and offers long-lasting benefits.

There is a continuum of brain activity, which includes:

Delta – sleep state
Theta – between sleep and awake, also a meditative state
Alpha – relaxed state
Beta1 – focused concentration
Beta2 – alert state
Beta3 – very alert, vigilant
Beta4 – hyper vigilant

The ability to produce the right states of mind, especially those linked with focus and attention, is vital for a variety of cognitive tasks. In addition, the ability to shift from one state to another is necessary for being able to perform effectively in every area of life. Individuals with attention deficits often have slower brain activity (predominantly Theta or Alpha) with lower Beta1 activity than those without ADD/ADHD.

AttenGo trains the following important three states of mind:

1. Calm: This state allows the mind to relax and prepare for different mental tasks. It is also important for contemplation and planning. In terms of brain activity, this is equivalent to the Alpha state.

2. Focused: This is needed for paying attention to tasks and ignoring distractions. This is equivalent to Beta1.

3. Alert: The alert mental state enables quick responses and is equivalent to Beta2.

AttenGo’s neuro-cognitive training offers an excellent way to improve aspects of cognitive performance. What’s more, it’s achieved by computerized exercises only – no additional equipment is needed!