Improve Executive Functions

What are Executive Functions, and why are they important?

Executive Functions (EF) are those cognitive abilities related to ADD/ADHD, and which help us to learn, communicate within our environment and complete tasks such as:

  • Organization and planning – the ability to plan, organize and execute an activity; time-management
  • Self-management – self-control, patience and impulse-control
  • Motivation – the ability to deal with frustrations and difficulties
  • Problem-Solving – the ability to complete tasks and organize one’s thoughts
  • Decision making – the ability to prioritize and make decisions on what is more important
  • Emotional regulation and controlling impulsivity
  • Working Memory – paying attention to details, information perception, processing and storage

Improve Executive Functions – Overcome ADD/ADHD

Strong executive functions help us to perform well at school, work, to build strong relationships and in fact lie at the very heart of attention disorders. Prof. Barkley, one of the leading researchers in the field of ADD/ADHD in the US, claims that EF are what determine the severity of the attention disorder – and that these must be treated by any effective treatment method.

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How does AttenGo help treat impairments in Executive Functions?

AttenGo was developed with the specific goal of improving executive functions. It is the only program in the world that provides treatment for executive functions – the main reason behind the striking results we see in our users, testifying to the true effectiveness of our program. The exercises work to strengthen attention and concentration together with executive functions (planning, self-control, self-regulation and more).

Are the results clinically proven?

Yes! For example, an independent, double-blind study completed in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, together with the School of Occupational Therapy found significant improvements in executive functions in people with ADD/ADHD after using the AttenGo program.

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