The Science Behind AttenGo

Based on neuro-cognitive technology developed at the Advanced Cognitive Enhancement clinic in Toronto, Canada, AttenGo is the culmination of 7 years of intensive research in the field of cognitive impairments associated with a variety of conditions, including ADD, ADHD, learning disabilities, brain injury, post-stroke and aging.

Clinicians at the Canadian clinic initially used a variety of modalities – including computer assisted programs and Neurofeedback – to treat cognitive deficits. Based on their extensive experience, they set out to develop new modalities that would encompass what they concluded was missing in the area of cognitive remediation: effective, easy to use and affordable programs that can significantly improve cognitive impairments associated with these conditions.

Intensive research resulted in the development of a series of computerized cognitive exercises that help improve specific brain activity associated with effective cognitive processing. Further testing and analysis yielded a method of normalizing brain wave activity and improved engagement of the frontal lobes. The frontal lobes are part of the brain where concentration and learning take place. This area is also associated with working memory as well as all our executive functions, including prioritizing, organizing, planning and behavioral control. The technology developed at the clinic was totally content free (the program requires only the most rudimentary language or math skills and is therefore suitable for everyone) making it easy for the brain to generalize the changes to all areas where learning is taking place.

After 5 years of research, a number of programs based on this technology were offered to the public. The experience accumulated with these programs encouraged the clinicians to continue developing even more comprehensive techniques to solve cognitive-related problems.

Two problematic areas that existed in a level below language and math skills, and found effective solutions to solve these problems were identified. One area includes the neurological foundation of cognitive processing. The second area is what he refers to as “pre-language,” where the brain uses skills to process the basic elements of math and language to provide effective learning and improve overall cognitive performance. These two layers provide the foundation of learning and have been found to be impaired, to varying degrees, in individuals with ADD, ADHD and learning disabilities.

By tackling the root of the problem, AttenGo does not only help to cope with problems, but helps repair some of the damage by “rewiring” the brain to provide the level of cognitive performance necessary for learning. In addition, it helps in developing and enhancing cognitive skills in people with learning disabilities or attention deficits.

AttenGo is the end result of this new approach. A comprehensive program carefully designed to deal with attention & memory with proven results within a relatively short period of time. Using a specialized assessment to identify areas of difficulty, the system tailors a personalized program for each user.

AttenGo is an innovative technology for the treatment of cognitive impairments and is currently considered one of the most effective solutions in the market.

Most individuals with attention deficit disorder or learning disabilities are quite smart. They just cannot always apply their intelligence because they lack the cognitive foundation to help them do so. AttenGo is the first program ever to offer a comprehensive solution that enables such individuals, both children and adults, to overcome their cognitive difficulties thus significantly improving their quality of their life.

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How AttenGo works on the Neuro-Cognitive
foundation of language