What is Neuro-Cognitive Training?

What is Neuro-Cognitive Training?

Let’s start out with a few definitions:
Neuro: referring to the neurological, or nerve system, of the brain
Cognitive: related to mental processes, such as perception, knowledge and memory

Neuro-Cognitive Training:  this is a method of brain training that uses cognitive exercises to stimulate and raise brain-wave activity. In so doing, this form of training works on two levels of the brain: neurological and cognitive. This enables us to create fast results that transfer to real improvements in ADD/ADHD symptoms.

On the cognitive level – specially designed computer exercises develop and strengthen such abilities as: attention, concentration, working-memory, planning, executive functions, audio/visual perception, response speed and more.

On the neurological level – the cognitive activity has been tested and targeted to increase brain-wave activity in the pre-frontal cortex, which controls our cognitive abilities. As a results, a number of things happen: first, brain-wave activity speeds up to the levels that enable good attention and concentration. Secondly, the sustained cognitive effort results in greater blood-flow to the area. This enables the brain balance the lack of neurotransmitters (mainly Dopamine) that characterizes ADD/ADHD brains.

All this just by doing some exercises on the computer?

Yes – AttenGo’s exercises target precisely what ADD/ADHD brains need.
No electrodes required!

This method of training was developed over many years, including repeated testing. Participants were hooked up to an EEG machine in order to test their brain-wave activity as they worked on the exercises. Over time, it was found that certain exercises generate and strengthen the right level of Beta1 brain-wave activity.

By combining both the neurological and the cognitive levels of training, children and adults suffering from ADD/ADHD symptoms will see fast, long-lasting and real changes.

AttenGo is the only program today that works according to the neuro-cognitive method, placing it in a field all its own.