College Students

Students with ADD/ADHD and learning disabilities

  • Do you have difficulty concentrating and remembering what you learned in class?
  • Are you distracted by things going on around you?
  • Do you spend too much time on schoolwork or preparing for exams?
  • Do you tend to procrastinate and find it difficult to finish tasks?
  • Do you have trouble being organized?
  • Do you have difficulty managing your daily schedule and making decisions?
  • Do you tend to not pay attention to details?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions, AttenGo may be the fast, effective solution you’ve been looking for.

AttenGo is a clinically proven online brain-training program that can dramatically improve your focus, organizational abilities, decision making, memory, and mental agility. Your capacity for learning will grow, and you will become quicker at completing schoolwork and answering questions during your exams. Using a smart feedback system, AttenGo tracks your progress in real time and helps you see quantifiable improvements in your performance.

Increasing your attention span and improving your memory

Short attention span prevents us from properly absorbing information, and difficulty concentrating prevents us from being able to memorize it. When attention concentration and information processing aren’t working properly, we struggle to recall information when we need it, such as during exams. The good news is that concentration and memory can be improved without medication.

AttenGo is an online neuro-cognitive training program that can improve your focus, attention, and other core cognitive abilities. It helps you complete your schoolwork faster, read large amounts of information without being distracted, and develop an excellent memory.

How do I start?

After registration, you complete a questionnaire and an online assessment. The results are emailed to you together with a personalized training program. You can then train any time and work through the program at your own pace. AttenGo tracks your progress and your scores.

Achieve significant long-term improvement in learning skills

You will achieve significant improvement in ADD/ADHD symptoms by training for 30 minutes for at least 3 times a week with your personalized program. Continue training for a total of 6 months and achieve long-term or even permanent results. This happens after your brain learns a new thinking and behavior pattern.

Need an immediate boost?

AttenGo can boost your sharpness and focus if you use it a few minutes before tasks that require focus and concentration, such as exams, completing coursework before a deadline, or a job interview.

Train just a few minutes with AttenGo and see the difference!