Children with ADD/ADHD

Cognitive training program improves the abilities of children with ADHDchildren with ADHD

The AttenGo training program addresses the root cause of children with adhd or add and can dramatically improve their cognitive skills, learning skills, and behavior.

AttenGO is suitable for children age 6+, teenagers and adults.

AttenGo is based on neuro-cognitive computerized technology that stimulates brain waves which improves core cognitive skills.

Core cognitive skills include: attention, concentration, controlling impulsivity, organization, making decisions, and planning.

These cognitive skills are essential for children with ADHD to follow instructions, remember lessons or things to do, complete their homework without breaks, and prepare for examinations.

AttenGo will also contribute to better self-management, self-control, and social skills.

Here is what patients and clinicians say about the efficacy
and long-lasting results of AttenGo training:

“My daughter was diagnosed with ADHD two years ago when she was 8. We tried almost everything!! Surprisingly, after two months using AttenGo we could see a real improvement! Now she reads and understands better. She can complete homework in shorter time, she can concentrate in class . Her teacher is very satisfied from the results”! Thank you Attengo.
Laura V. USA

“AttenGo is easily the most effective Internet training program for minimizing
symptoms associated with ADD/ADHD and learning disabilities, and for
significantly enhancing academic performance and learning skills.”
Dr. Jackie Eldridge, Faculty of Education, UOIT, Canada

“Both my sons (8 and 10) are now on AttenGo. I have noticed remarkable results in both of them. I cannot believe how effective this program is, especially after spending a considerable amount of money on a program in a local clinic with significantly less results. Everyone should know about your program”

Marina T. Sidney, Australia

“I just love your program. Everyone seriously interested in improving their concentration and memory should do it.”
Paul C. London, UK

How AttenGo works

AttenGo is an online neuro-cognitive training program which includes unique cognitive tasks that were specially designed for  adults and children with ADHD.

The program is personalized to suit age and severity of symptoms, thus the training focuses on improving the user’s specific problem areas.

AttenGo is different from video and computer games. It does not rely on high levels of excitement and stimulation to keep children engaged. Instead, AttenGo provides a low-stimulus environment, similar to that of a classroom, using activities that will challenge and motivate your child to make progress and improve scores.

AttenGo provides real-time feedback, statistics, graphs, and scores that encourage your child to improve and help you track progress.


How to succeed with AttenGo?

Your child needs to use AttenGo for 30 minutes 3 times a week. Expect to see improvement within 12 weeks already! It is recommended that your child continue the training for a total of 6 months to achieve long-term improvement.

Children with ADHD can achieve long-term improvement by using AttenGo as recommended above

Children maximize their potential with AttenGo training, and many of them can also reduce doses of medication,or eliminate it altogether.

Expect to see your child in school and with better functioning, great progress in school such as:

  • High levels of attention and concentration, which directly affect learning skills of children with ADHD.
  • Improved executive functions such as organization, planning, problem-solving, self-control, and time management – which directly affect daily functioning, interpersonal and social relations.
  • Reduced impulsivity and hyperactivity.
  • Better memory, working memory and data processing including memory storage and retrieval.