AttenPro for Professionals
AttenPro - ADD/ADHD Training Software

AttenPro is an online multi-user interface that enables health care professionals and school educators to manage and monitor the progress of their patients and students.

AttenPro is designed for psychiatrists, neurologists, neuro-psychologists, psychologists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, rehabilitation centers, schools, and educational institutions interested in cognitive training programs.

AttenPro powers our flagship product, AttenGo, a neuro-cognitive, personalized Web-based training program for children aged 6 or older and for adults.

The goal of AttenGo is to achieve long-term, significant improvement in cognitive abilities resulting in improved academic skills, behavior and daily functioning by correcting problems with attention, impulsivity, executive functions and distractibility.

Executive functions: At the heart of the problem

AttenGo training is aimed at enhancing and strengthening executive functions, including
organization, self-management, inhibition, self-regulation, and working memory.

The science behind AttenGo

AttenGo is developed by AttenGo Labs in Israel. AttenGo is the only program of its kind – proven to improve executive functions at the heart of ADHD.

Results of clinical study at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, 2012

AttenGo significantly improves academic performance and Executive Functions (Graph)

Advantages of AttenPro

  • Cost-effective solution that produces remarkable results
  • Interface for multiple-client management
  • Assessment module to appraise the level of difficulty and adjust the program for each user
  • Detailed data and graphs for monitoring of client progress
  • Flexible training protocols
  • Supervised or unsupervised training options

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