Why AttenGo?

So Why AttenGo?

Because We Train Core Cognitive Skills
AttenGo’s neuro-cognitive technology effectively treats the root cause of ADHD.

Because it is Easy to Use!
Our online training program makes this professional program available to you in your home, office or school, at any time with a clear and easy-to-follow interface.

Because We Give You a Personalized Training Program
AttenGo’s programs are matched for age, symptoms and cognitive functioning. Once you start training, the program continues to adapt to your individual training pace.

Because it Works!
Most important of all, AttenGo helps – children, students, adults of all ages to overcome difficulties related to ADHD, Executive Function and memory loss. It is the only online brain training program that can make this claim – read testimonials of real people, parents and children who found the answer they were looking for.