Personalized Program

AttenGo is custom-tailored to suit your age and the severity of your ADD/ADHD symptoms. After registering, you will complete a short questionnaire and a ten-minute computerized assessment. AttenGo then creates a customized program for you that best suits your profile.

Note that even if you don’t suffer from ADD/ADHD, you can use AttenGo to improve your cognitive abilities because its challenging exercises are designed to help you achieve peak mental performance.

Tracking your progress

In the course of your training, AttenGo monitors your progress and adapts the training program to make it fit your current performance at all times.

AttenGo collects statistical data about your performance and generates easy-to-read graphic progress reports in real time.

What does your program include?

Patented exercises that improve attention, concentration, working memory, and executive functions. These are critical for correcting ADD/ADHD. AttenFocus includes many variations of its exercises.

Unique memory exercises that improve many aspects of memory, including working memory, visual/auditory memory, information processing, storage and retrieval, recall and recognition.

A brief, 10-minute assessment is conducted every 21 days to evaluate your progress. You can compare your current performance with results obtained from previous assessments.