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Success Stories

AttenGo has been proven to significantly enhance daily functioning, learning skills, and behavior affected by ADD/ADHD. It has helped thousands of people worldwide. But don’t just take our word for it. Here are testimonials from people who have used AttenGo to improve their cognitive functioning and performance in daily life.

“I’ve tried many different programs out there and none work like Attengo.  I started noticing radical improvements in the first few weeks.  I started noticing clarity of mind, which has helped me think more clearly and process things faster. I can be more productive at work and I feel sharper in my everyday activities. My memory has increased significantly and I can recall names or any information I need faster. One of the best improvements I’ve felt is…..”  >> Read the full letter

Gerardo Serna, Mexico
“I would like to express my thanks to you. The program is amazing!…Now that I have done the program for around three to four months I feel very focused. It’s helping me listen to the lectures and sermons and helping me study. Another amazing lesson for me is that I can stay focused and not get distracted by all the distractions around… So what are we waiting for? lets spread the light and change the world one “game” (attengo) at a time:”    >> Read the full letter
M.M.Wilhelm, USA, New-York
“After a late diagnosis of ADHD, I was fortunate enough to stumble online to
the attengo program. It truly is an active, Life-changing experience! While a bit of
an expense, it is worth every penny.
Paula D, USA
“To the AttenGo team and to anyone whom this may concern,
… 5 years ago I was involved in an accident that resulted in a bad head injury. The main problem I had after the accident was that my memory was impaired…I feel that AttenGo helps me with everything that needs improving: my memory, concentration, discrimination and co-ordination. Thank you!! Due to AttenGo, I can now see the road to success.”     >> Read the full letter
 Marcus O., Australia
“… I have no words to describe the change that happened in Omer in just 2 months.
The time it took him to do his homework shortened significantly, his concentration abilities improved, he always succeeds in copying from the board and he finds it much easier to study for exams. He has much more free time on his hands now. His mood has improved so much!! It’s only getting better and better…”    >> Read the full letter
Ilan, Israel
“…I knew that in order to successfully graduate, I had to do something to help me improve my abilities. That’s how I found the program.
I practiced for 3 months and the improvement I felt was tremendous. I succeeded in focusing during lectures and understanding the lecturer and my grades even improved by 15-20 points… “ >> Read the full letter
Dave N., Canada

“… I successfully graduated from high school despite my ADHD but when I started studying at university, I discovered that what worked for me in high school, wasn’t enough for university… After only a few weeks of AttenGo, it was easier to sit and read and slowly, I could concentrate more and more during lectures…Today, I can clearly feel the difference in my ability to focus and concentrate. I went from just staring at the lecturer to actually listening most of the lecture, something that was impossible for me when I just started my studies…”>> Read the full letter

Noah H., USA
“My daughter has now been on the program for 3 months and the results have been for me nothing short of a miracle. She is much calmer, less argumentative, reads novels for hours on end, her handwriting can now be read (used to look like a chook had walked over the page), she is focused on her school work and homework is no longer a battle. She even announced to me the other day that see will be going for “medals” this year at school….amazing as she has never shown any interest in trying hard enough to win awards”. Leanne Southon-Whitton, Australia
“I struggled through all of my schooling, including college.  I always had to work harder than others to achieve the same results that can be very exhausting and my self-esteem suffered. After discovering that I was experiencing adult ADHD…  I signed up and began my program right away.  Almost magically, I experienced less “checking out” during conversations with work associates – I was honestly surprised and got so excited when I stayed ‘plugged in’ to conversations until the end and responding with increased accuracy… The sky’s my limit now!”
L. Dock, Delta, Canada
“I thought I was losing my mind and I almost lost my job too…my memory and concentration are back to the way they were 20 years ago thanks to your amazing program. More people need to know about it.”
Sharon T. Jacksonville, USA
“I am already seeing great results after a short training period. In the beginning I could train only twice a week for an hour each day. But I never thought that clearly before in my life! Suddenly, I was able to figure things out and analyze information in a matter of spilt seconds, my communication skills sky rocketed and I even managed with less sleeping hours than usual… I’m only at the beginning, but I am looking forward to the rest of my training and for you to come up with more exercises for different functions of the brain”.
With Best Regards that my brain can wish you,
S. Naor, Israel
“Johnny is now calmer and significantly more attentive. He has been doing so well in school and his teacher actually thought he was on medication. I am so glad I gave your program a chance, only three months ago we were really at our wit’s end after trying just about everything out there. This is a great program that every ADHD child should try.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
Len M. Toronto, Canada
“…Ever since I remember myself I’ve had difficulties at school… and found that I have ADD and Dyslexia. The Neurologist recommended Ritalin. I didn’t like the idea of taking medication… After less than a month with AttenGo, I realized that studying can actually be fun and interesting instead of hard and frustrating.The software continues to improve my abilities every day. It really changed my life… Finally I can express myself and realize my abilities… Many thanks to the AttenGo team for their guidance and advice”.
H. Raphael, Israel
“I just love your program. Everyone seriously interested in improving their concentration and memory should do it.”
Paul C. London, UK
“My son’s attention has greatly improved and he seems to be calmer and more organized. After trying so many things, we almost lost hope. I would not hesitate to recommend your program to anyone suffering from ADD/ADHD.”
Edna W. Melbourne, Australia
“Kathy does the program every day right after school and she is finding it much easier to do her homework. The good news is that she doesn’t require my help anymore. We have noticed improvement in her attention and comprehension. She is not so slow in her thinking process anymore. I strongly believe that your program should be installed in every school”
A. Wong, New York, USA
“We have spent thousands of dollars trying to find a solution for my son and I can say with a high degree of certainty that nothing comes even close to your program. Eric has improved in school, and his behavior including his impulsivity has also improved too. We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw his report card!”
Theo M. San Diego, USA
“I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to train with your program. This is an effective solution for anyone with attention deficit. I was never diagnosed with the condition, but in retrospect I know that I had ADD all my life. After two months of training my thinking process is much clearer. I am more productive at work and I even find it easier to make decisions”
Isabel R. Toronto, Canada
“Both my sons (8 and 10) are now on your program. I have noticed remarkable results in both of them, although Wayne has been doing slightly better. They now train 4 times a week just before doing their homework. I cannot believe how effective this program is, especially after spending a considerable amount of money on a program in a local clinic (Tyler only) with significantly less results. Everyone should know about your program”
Marina T. Sidney, Australia
Brain Training worked for us : I’m a mother to a 10.5 year old child with ADHD. His first few years at school were a nightmare for him and for me… Our turning point was when a friend recommended a computer program called AttenGo… I personally preferred that my son will be under the supervision of a clinician, so I contacted a special coacher that the company recommended, Dr. Billi Bittan and she worked very intensively with him. It worked for my child in just a few months. He’s a different child since he started using the program…
  “My doctor told me that the deterioration in my memory resulted from my depression and I insisted that my depression resulted from my memory problems. Your program has helped me to break the cycle. My memory is as good as ever, I can read the newspaper and actually remember what I read, even more important: I don’t confuse my grandchildren’s names anymore. Thank you so much for everything”.
Grace W. Leeds, UK
“I was very skeptical about your program. I thought that at my age (67) it would be too late to do. Well, you proved me wrong. What I like about the program is the ease of use and I really enjoy the activity. I finally convinced my husband to join me, I had to challenge him to catch up to me…”
Donna M. Toronto, Canada