Ilan: It Simply Works!

“We would like to thank you for your software program which simply works!
A few years back we found out that our 8 year old son, Omer, has difficulties in both concentrating and doing his homework which used to take many hours both in 1st and 2nd grade. He couldn’t copy from the blackboard and was very slow when working in the class, even though he’s a very smart kid. It’s obvious to me today that I suffered from the same difficulties when I was younger and that I had to work very hard to succeed at school. We didn’t want Omer to experience the same difficulties so we went to get a professional’s opinion. We were told that Omer can’t copy from the blackboard because he suffers from weakness in his shoulders and he’s holding the pencil the wrong way but they didn’t diagnose any attention deficits. They said it was just that he had difficulty with organization.

We started working with him on strengthening his shoulders and at the same time he was treated by an Occupational Therapist. We noticed some improvement with copying from the board and with writing but there was no improvement with homework or with memorizing tasks and studying for tests.

We heard about your program through my sister-in-law who works with children with learning disabilities. She said the program works wonders. We bought the program in August 2007 and I have no words to describe the change that happened in Omer in just 2 months. The time it took him to do his homework shortened significantly, his concentration abilities improved, he always succeeds in copying from the board and he finds it much easier to study for exams. He has much more free time on his hands now. His mood has improved so much!! It’s only getting better and better.

In the last PTA meeting, Omer’s teacher found it hard to believe that he had difficulties in grades one and two.

Thank you very much and keep going strong,
Ilan, Israel