M.M.W- USA, New York

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From: מענדל וילהלם <mendelw613@gmail.com>
Date: 2016-07-21 20:09 GMT+03:00
Subject: to the attengo team
To: support AttenGo ‫‎<support@attengo.com>‎
To the Attengo team,I would like to express my thanks to you. The program is amazing! The program has thought me some insights besides the affect it had made on me.

For the first two months I had lots of doubt if the program will actually have any effect on me. I would do it a few times a week feeling funny thinking to myself how my parents have paid a high some of money for me to do this. Although my brother has done this program too and I recall learning with him before and after doing this program and it seemed as it did help him focus, yet, once I’ve started doing it I felt that it might not work thinking how is it possible that playing this game would actually help me focus on the lectures in school. I thought maybe I’ll get better at the game but how can this help me in my studies?

Now that I have done the program for around three to four months I feel very focused and thank god it’s helping me listen to the lectures and sermons and helping me study etc..

I thought wow this is an amazing lesson I can take for my day to day life:

God has sent our soul to this world to fix it and re-fine it, to make it a better place.
Most of us can’t see the outcome of the good things we do on a spiritual level sometimes we wonder how can it be that by me doing a small thing, a small mitzva, how will this make Hashem happy? How will this connect me more to God, it seems to be almost like a game that by us doing these things we will make this world a home for Hashem, but the truth is that we can and we are since God gave us the power to.

Another amazing lesson for me is that I can stay focused and not get distracted by all the distractions around. This just like in the “game” that its purpose is the training, to improve, so too in our life, all distractions that God put in the world are for our good.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s spread the light and change the world one “game” at a time:)

M.M.Wilhelm USA, New-York