Online: AttenGo was our turning point

“Brain Training worked for us : I’m a mother to a 10.5 year old child with ADHD.

His first few years at school were a nightmare for him and for me. He couldn’t sit through lessons at school and he couldn’t finish simple tasks given to him for homework without me breathing down his neck to do them. The neurologist recommended Ritalin but I didn’t want to start with medication at such a young age so the result was huge frustration for both of us.

Our turning point was when a friend recommended a computer program called AttenGo. It’s a very reasonably priced program that’s suppose to train the brain to be in focus when needed. I personally preferred that my son will be under the supervision of a clinician, so I contacted a special coacher that the company recommended, Dr. Billi Bittan and she worked very intensively with him. It worked for my child in just a few months. He’s a different child since he started using the program. He’s calmer, he can sit down and do his homework like a normal kid and most important he doesn’t get so frustrated from school anymore. I recommend that everyone checks it out. Their site is and my coacher’s site is”