Raphael: Natural, stable and effective

“I’m 20 years old. Ever since I remember myself I’ve had difficulties at school. While all my friends would already understand everything and move on, I always had to think it over a few times and use all my energy and concentration abilities just to understand the materials in class. It was so bad that I used to stay in class during recess, while all my friends were playing outside, just so that I won’t forget what I just learnt. I always felt slow, hard headed, clumsy, forgetful and disorganized but I always thought that everybody else was the same and that I just had to work harder because there was no other reality.

A short while back, I decided that I want to study at university and move ahead like everybody else but I knew that in order to do that I have to learn. The thought of that frightened me because of all the frustration I experienced when I was younger. I realized that before I start studying I have to check if there’s actually a real problem that I can treat. So I went to take the TOVA test for the first time in my life and found that I have ADD and Dyslexia. The Neurologist recommended Ritalin. I didn’t like the idea of taking medication because I knew that it’s only a temporary solution that helps the symptoms of the disorder but doesn’t get to the root of it. I didn’t want to become reliant on the medication.

I didn’t know what to do so I searched the net and came across the AttenGo brain training software. I read a little and it sounded logical to me that as I practice more, my brain will ‘get used to’ concentrating and I will finally have a chance to cure my problems.

I bought the software and started practicing and at the same time I started my studies with hope that this software will actually help me. After less than a month I began to understand what it’s like to learn like everybody else and I realized that studying can actually be fun and interesting instead of hard and frustrating.

The software continues to improve my abilities every day. It really changed my life. Suddenly I’m able to see more details, to know what to say and how to say it, to know how to ask a question and even understand the answer! I suddenly understood how other people think and feel. Finally I can express myself and realize my abilities. Today it’s much easier for me to study than before. I can keep up like everybody else and I feel like I belong and that I’m friendlier.

I began my studies with a grade of 66% and after 3 months I improved my grades to 82%. I’m going to keep going until I reach 100%. I highly recommend, to whoever identifies with what I described, using this software because I haven’t yet found any natural treatment that’s stable and effective like this software. Many thanks to the AttenGo team for their guidance and advice”.

H. Raphael, Israel